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PourOver Coffee

The Popularity

Coffee has been crafted in many forms and tastes over the years, from instant coffee to modern-coffee-machines that make our life easier with the speed of preparation. Now, our PourOver coffee is redefining the convenience of coffee without sacrificing quality. With each cup of PourOver coffee, you'll experience different nuances of flavor, from round to fruity-complex layers that can only be captured through the process of hand-brewed coffee. Pour over hand-brewed coffee is coffee lovers' biggest secret, gaining popularity in coffee hubs due to its innovation between artistry, quality and convenience. In coffee innovation, never miss the trend with Lee's Coffee.

The Concept: Brew A Cup At A Time

Our PourOver Coffee is changing the way people think about coffee. While the world is moving towards specialized machine-brewed coffee, we are taking a different approach: "Hand-crafted coffee," conveniently brewed one cup at a time. With Lee's Coffee, your coffee experience will indulge your senses, beginning from the aroma of the coffee ground blossoming as you pour the hot water down to the last sip of your freshly brewed coffee.

As the barista-in-charge, you can perfect your cup your way. The more slowly you pour the hot water, the stronger and bolder the flavor becomes as the water has more time to interact with the grounds. Brew a single cup at a time to enjoy and experience the artistry of coffee.

Coffee Personalized To Taste

Everyone's coffee preferences are different. Some like original, bold, strong, or dark, while others may like their coffee sweetened with creamer and sugar. At Lee's Coffee, there is something suited for everyone's preferences. PourOver coffee allows you to be your own barista, by personalizing your freshly-brewed coffee with milk, fresh cream and/or sugar.

Fresh Ground Coffee "On-The-Go"

Our PourOver Coffee is not INSTANT coffee, it's Fresh Ground real coffee you can enjoy conveniently at home, work, travel, camp, or give as a gift. With Fresh Ground Coffee "On-The-Go," a freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee is now easier to make than ever.

Our Flavors

Parisian Blend: Our expert coffee craftsmen roast fresh coffee beans to the precise moment when it almost kindles in the flames. As a result, we achieve an intensely bold and pronounced smokiness, yet smooth and delicate flavor that is Lee's Coffee signature Parisian-Blend French Roast.

New Orleans Blend: Coffee and Chicory is the traditional flavor of New Orleans. At Lee's Coffee House, we blend the highest quality bean with freshly roasted Chicory to create a distinctive and flavorful profile. Best enjoyed with cream and sugar , the perfect combinations create moment to savor from the brewing aroma to the very last sip. Taking time producing our coffee, we ensure the richness, freshness and most importantly, consistently delicious in every cup you drink.

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